Technologies and Solutions

Data Network Infrastructure

Our partnerships concluded with renowned vendors allow us to provide modern, high-speed and transportation capacity network solutions.


Information Security

IT security is a key-element in information platforms provided for our clients.


Virtualisation and Cloud Infrastructure

Server virtualization brings a new perspective over the IT technologies, providing alternative that are out of reach in the physical, highly constrained reality.


Infrastructure and Data Centre-type Solutions

We work together with globally known producers in order to deliver complete, integrated and consolidated Data Centre-type solutions.



Software Applications

We deliver to our clients various software solutions designed for individual users or middleware solutions.



  • Project Management

    Whether we talk about the public or the private environment, we can see a tendency for companies to orient more their operations towards specific projects, thus resulting in more effective costs, as well a better monitoring of achieved goals.

  • Training

    For any undertaking, the IT area is vital as it provides a real support to employees in the performance of their ordinary tasks, and it often represents a major competitive advantage, on a constantly changing, dynamic market. Therefore, the implementation of a new information system or even the acquisition of new computers can lead to the obstruction of ordinary activities due to the lack of dedicated training sessions.

  • IT Consultancy Services

    We aim at assisting undertakings in operating in a more effective manner and in developing according to their own business strategies. We commit to reducing the costs generated by the IT department, by means of measuring the employees' training needs, information security risks and by enhancing organisational transparency.

  • Maintenance and Support Services

    Any organization aims at maximizing its benefits and a return of its investment, the main elements under control being minimum risks and costs. Consequently, our concept of maintenance and support relates to achieving this goal.


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