• About us

    In a highly dynamic and ever-changing world, where the competitive advantage is a result of the innovative ability as well as of the reactive capacity and the quality of the services provided, Nova Tech Integrated Solutions offers you the expertise of its consultancy team in the field of Information Technologies that assists you in developing your company IT&C strategy - as a support function for the enhancement of your business processes and the proper performance of your underlying operations.

    Our aim is to closely assist you, step by step, in your undertakings to have more efficient operations and to enhance your productivity, by means of implementing IT&C dedicated and personalised solutions that are vital to your company working processes.

    The beneficiaries of implementing modern information systems shall not be late in coming: reduction of costs in all departments, starting with the IT&C department and not only, namely an enhanced ability of the company to provide goods and/or services to its clients.

    Our beneficiaries have a timely access to assistance provided by a professional and dedicated team. We are permanently in contact with our clients, throughout our projects, by means of developing integrated strategic plans and concepts, by defining procedures, implementing solutions and post-implementation assistance.

  • Our Mission

    Our objective is to always be able to respond in a prompt and effective manner to our client’s needs, to become their reliable advisors and partners, to grow along with them and to become a referential in the dynamic and challenge-oriented industry where we operate, alongside our partners.

    We wish to contribute to the prosperity and the enhanced competitiveness of our clients by means of promoting business ethics and while complying with all legal requirements.

    Moreover, we shall spare nothing in motivating and protecting our employees, we shall guarantee their development in a fair and healthy environment, based on competence and professionalism principles and criteria.