Technologies and Solutions

Information Security


IT security is a key-element in information platforms provided for our clients. IT security solutions are designed for protecting information transferred within the information system and can be employed on several infrastructure levels, depending on the allocated budged and the estimated value of the confidential data (i.e. the value of the estimated damage in case of loss/leakage of information from the system).

IT&C security solutions we can deliver to our clients are classified into several categories:

Protection of the individual working space of the user

Protection of the individual working space of the user - protection at operating system level is the starting point for any integrated security implementation. Any other solutions at higher security levels should be complementing the existing ones and not replacing them. Our proposals for this level of security are the following:
- anti-malware – at host level (desktop, laptop)
- host firewall – for preventing and stopping unauthorised access to the operating system
- Safe authentication solutions (2 factor authentication) - by means of tokens or smart cards featuring a digital certification.
- applications control & host configuration management solutions
- DLP (data loss prevention) solutions
- Centralised management for host security solutions

Communications and security solutions

Perimeter-level communications and security solutions
- Firewall-VPN solutions
- IPS/IDS (with external and internal segmentation) solutions
- Content filtering solutions (e-mail, web, instant messaging, etc.)
- Proxy, load-balancing solutions

Database security solutions

Database security solutions and applications access (identity management, Single Sign-On, etc.)

Centralized Security Management Solutions

Centralized Security Management Solutions - log management solutions, SIEM solutions, security analytics solutions, etc.