Technologies and Solutions

Infrastructure and Data Centre-type Solutions


We work together with globally known producers in order to deliver complete, integrated and consolidated Data Centre-type solutions. Consolidated Data Centre-type solutions provide clients with the required infrastructure for the performance of their business applications and data analysis:

Hardware infrastructure

Enterprise level hardware infrastructure for the applications installation (servers, storage, networking, racks, etc.);

Monitoring and management solutions

Infrastructure monitoring and management solutions for the Data Centre.

Centralized infrastructure

Centralized virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) for paired work;

Private cloud solutions

Private cloud solutions, of superior scalability, simplified management and effective operations;

Back-up and recovery solutions

Back-up and recovery solutions, key-elements in any data centre - Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity solutions, from the analysis and design phase up to the complete implementation and support phase, for local data centres, remotely or in cloud.