Technologies and Solutions

Virtualisation and Cloud Infrastructure


Server virtualization brings a new perspective over the IT technologies, providing alternative that are out of reach in the physical, highly constrained reality.

Moreover, every company tries to optimize its costs and reduce the negative impact over the environment, a goal which is, generally, difficult to achieve.

Clients become more and more interested in acknowledging not only acquisition and maintenance costs related to the purchased equipment but also the resulting energy consumption.

Virtualized solutions

Virtualized solutions generate immediate and measurable benefits:

    - Energy Saving - migrating from physical servers to virtual machines and consolidating them into fewer physical servers imply lower power expenditures and reducing the costs related to environmental temperature control systems;
    - Downsizing the Risk of Operational Failure - without increasing the number of redundancy units; moreover, another advantage is the fact that servers virtualization platforms are equipped with software that allow real-time testing for exposure to disaster risks. Consequently, clients can test and observe the actual operation of the plan;
    - Extending the Life Cycle of Old Applications - many times, there are old applications that are still running and cannot operate under a new operating system or on a new hardware. In most cases, it can happen that the person or the firm that created the application no longer exist or no longer collaborate with the client in question. By means of virtualization and integration of the application and of its environment, it is possible to extend it useful life and to minimize its operational failures;
    - Downsizing the Designated Space for information equipment.
    - The First Step Towards Cloud Systems – following the virtualization of servers and the downsizing of hardware support, you are ready for cloud migration.
    - Easy Operation and Effectiveness - ability to move a virtual machine from one server to another is one of the most important benefits of virtualization.

Scheduling and implementation services

Scheduling and implementation services for virtualization solutions:

    - Assessing the current situation and identifying the possible means of passing to virtualization;
    - Planning the steps to migration and the final appropriate pattern of virtualization;
    - Planning the operation approach for the existing equipment;
    - Coordinating the transition process;
    - Training the personnel through dedicated courses;
    - Post implementation support.